Uptown at Farrer Park MRT Station Low Keng Huat

Uptown at Farrer Park MRT Station Low Keng Huat

Ranger and Club Function Room offers a wide range of unique facilities in the lower grounds of the King Huat, which include a gym, tennis courts, a 50-meter pool, solarium, barbecue area, and playground. Housing units provide family fun for your family and loved ones. Pamper yourself in a quiet and peaceful way of life in the heart of Park Farrer.

Business facilities are located on the first floor of Uptown at Freer. Given the proximity of companies, it is not surprising that many companies are operating in a residential area on the road to Permalum. The successful company was only the construction company “Low keng Huat Limited”. They succeeded in taking over the property for $ 174.08 million. When the first floor is full of stores, they will get what they absolutely admit.

Prices for Uptown @ Farrer Park MRT Station

Despite the exorbitant prices, the developer offered $ 174.08 million to the country. I know. UU They equal the price of the land of $ 1,000, $ 72. It is believed that the current market sentiment is an attractive value for the state of the block and the final residence of the land demands at the Uptown at Farrer Park MRT Station. Some of these places are far from the city, but developers paid a higher price compared to a property in Uptown at Farrer.

Hotel Uptown property in Freer Uptown in Farrer
Farrer Location, which has many locations and hotels in the region, also offers many other places in Uptown at Farrer Condo. Some of them are Fortuna, Femloft Hostel, Claremont Hotel, Sheng Hotel and Tai Hoe Hotel. For families with children, Somme Road Playground has other family problems for children, such as playing time. While they are there, their parents can enjoy shopping at shopping centers or other events.

Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited real estate developer

Under Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd. In 1969, he began humbly as a real estate developer and became a fully-fledged developer, including other real estate projects, such as hotels and other forms of investment. Under Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd. Seeks to develop reliable and stable business strategies that add confidence and quality to your work. The values and objectives are determined by Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited because of the ever-changing property and competitive power to create value for shareholders and shareholders.

Objectives of the limited mission of Keng Huat (Singapore) and key executives

Low Keng Huat (Singapore) limits the main centers of construction and real estate investments. The latest DBSS Parkland Residences project received good comments on the development and Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited is trying to improve its development through continuous learning. Key managers include Low Keng Huat and Low Keng Book, who have extensive experience in real estate.

The results in terms of the number of requests exceeded expectations. Given the current market sentiment, companies are expected to offer a real estate price. Of course, popularity was a crucial factor in the price increase that some companies were willing to pay. Yes, some companies were surprised that Low Keng Huat wanted to buy this fake MRT from Uptown Farrer Park. Some companies in the auction were not happy because they lost, so they returned to the restructuring with auction figures. 16161 square meters. Up to 200 units can be accommodated. Of course, these tenants are a combination of residential and commercial facilities.

Medical services near Uptown at Farrer
With the growth of medical tourism in Singapore, there is another good apartment next to hospitals, as well as private medical facilities. Uptown @ Farrer has a central location and is a great option for investors looking for special developments near hospitals. For example, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is located near the MRT stations of Uptown @ Farrer and Farrer Park. This provides easy access to the hospital and can sometimes be overlooked. Connexion in Farrer Park will also be an important medical facility, an integrated health, and hospitality complex in which a medical tourist can be treated in a relaxed hotel environment.

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