Roxy Pacific Holdings RV Millenia Close to the City

Roxy Pacific Holdings RV Millenia Close to the City

Situated at the center of the River valley road, the RV millennia Condo is one of the latest property development. Besides that, it can also be found close to the Great world city. This prime plot of land was developed by an exclusively owned part of the Roxy pacific holdings known as the RH capital two. The plot was therefore obtained at the prize of $110m. This freehold development is set in a key location which translates to a ratio of 2.8.

The development has got extremely outstanding facilities such as a tennis court, a function room, kids playing ground, sun deck, swimming pool among many other exclusive facilities. If you need full entertainment needs for your loved ones and family, then you are in the right place.

RV Millenia Close to the City by Roxy Pacific Holdings

The condo is situated in a relaxed and peaceful environment far away from the city. It is just found close to the Great world city and right on the river valley. Due to the size of the prime plot, it is projected that 100 units are likely to be built. This means the development will be 18 stories. The new property will be one of the undertakings by the Roxy Pacific holdings. This is a reliable estate developer with a number of projects in Singapore. The company was established back in 1967 and since then, it has been majorly dealing with residential projects.

RV Millenia Strategic location

RV Millenia development is advantageously situated around a number of shopping centers. A good example is the famous Triple one and Great world city shopping malls. Besides that, the new development is also found near several parks such as the Fort canning and Istana parks. This means you will have access to a good environment for outdoor activities with friends and family.
If you are taking a bus to the freehold condo, there are a number of them on the River valley road. You can as well find other buses along the Kim Seng road. The condo is also found neat to many restaurants.

RV Millenia Close to Schools

There are a number of elite schools near the RV Millenia condo. Examples of them include the Tmis business school, Raffles girls school, River valley primary, Lasalle college of arts, FZD schools of design among many others. When you stay near to elite schools, your kids will be advantaged in saving traveling time. You will, therefore, have more time with your kids and never worry about distance.

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