Potong Pasir Town UOL Group Condo Residential Properties

Potong Pasir Town UOL Group Condo Residential Properties

UOL Group limited is with no doubt one of the best-certified property Companies in Singapore. Thanks to its intensive collection of hotels, equipped suites and development and investment properties.

The reason of its success is because of the strong belief in delivering excellent products and services. These services are not only offered in Singapore but also beyond its borders. This is to ensure that they avail a robust property, and hospitality services to all. By following the core values that they have put in place, UOL Group has successfully rendered quality services to its members and employees. Here are the properties UOL has made available to its customers

Potong Pasir MRT Station Singapore

Finding a quality home is everyone’s wildest dream. To satisfy this unending urge, UOL Group provides a number of residential properties. Since it regards people as their greatest assets, these residential properties are of great quality. Being dedicated to making a masterwork in each and every project undertaken, they go past just giving you good-living environment. Emphasizing on elegant architectural design, UOL group avails unmatched property designs both for Singapore residents and international. For those leaving in Singapore, they can book a residential place at the following places;

• Amber 45

• The Clement Canopy

• Principal Garden

• Riverbank @Fernvale

• Thomson Three

Those are only but a few of residential properties UOL Group has in Singapore. For those in United Kingdom, Malaysia, China, and Australia, there are a number of residential properties this amazing group has put in place.

The Trever Condo UOL Group Potong Pasir Town

As a commercial company, having offices is a fundamental aspect in a bid to be successful. These are designated places for every company where they will be meeting their potential clients and customers.UOL Group has been revolutionary and successful in this area. It provides stable offices located in areas of improved infrastructure both in Singapore and Internationally. These offices foster great functionality thus increasing the competitiveness of the company. Some of those buildings are even being used as headquarters by multi-million companies, famous embassies and established corporations. This confirms the modernized art building management systems that are offered by UOL Group offices.

UOL Group limited is well versed with the need for state of the art hotels. Hotels that can befit the lavish lives of business dignitaries, some people and also for its employees. That being the case, UOL Group has gone a notch higher to providing state of the art hotels, well endorsed with quality hospitality services. So that, whenever you reside in them while on holiday or business trip, your stay is worth remembering. Besides, you get to be served by friendly and skilled hospitality experts ensuring you get value for your money. These hotels include the following;

Potong Pasir New Condo by UOL Group Singapore

• Parkroyal Hotels and Resorts

• Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts

• Pan Pacific Hotels Group

Leadership is very pivotal to the success of any company. A competent leader will always come up with sober ideas which are aimed at propelling the company forward and making it competitive. This has been the case with UOL Group. By having a reliable board of directors and skilled management team, achieving set standards has been made easier. As a result, it has attracted a lot of shareholders who religiously contribute to the success of this company.

Potong Pasir Town

Potong Pasir is a renowned housing estate that is found between Sennett Estate and Toa Payoh. Located in Singapore’s Central Region, Potong Pasir ward is the longest-held opposition area in Singapore’s predominant one-party. The Potong Pasir area can be accessed by an MRT Station.

History of Potong Pasir

During the early 1900s, this Potong Pasir was dominant with sand-quarries which gave it its present name whose meaning in Malay is “cut sand”. Mining led to the creation of four ponds that are linked to Kallang River which provided a source of food to the local folks until they got polluted. In the mid-1950s, this region became one of the important areas in Singapore for vegetable growing. As modernization started to pick up in the following years, there was an introduction of community education center, electricity, piped water among others.

Because Potong Pasir experienced regular flooding, the government started to acquire some parts of this land in the 1970s for redevelopment and most villagers had to move out. The Potong Pasir Estate, a public housing estate started to take shape in the early 1980s. Even after the completion of these housing blocks, this ward has a unique idyllic feel that can still match with the current pace of urbanization.

Political History

Elections in Potong Pasir are usually hotly contested. Chiam See Tong was an opposition member of parliament for this ward from 1984 until 2011. Mrs. Lina Chiam took the leadership reins from the incumbent Chiam See Tong from 2011 until 2015 when the current Member of Parliament Sitoh Yih Pin from the People’s Action Party successful defended this ward and won the seat with a huge margin.

Schools in Potong Pasir

This estate is home to elite schools such as the St. Andrew’s Village which is part of the Saints Family, a cluster of education institutions that comprises of St. Andrews’ Junior School, Secondary School and Junior College all which together from the St. Andrews’ School. The early 2000s project for St Andrews’ Village saw a plan being designed to allow all the three schools to reunite in Potong Pasir.

Expansion and renovation of Junior School began in 2003 and in 2004, the new re-modeled building was opened. Construction of the Junior College and new Secondary School also began in 2003. Both the school and the college were opened in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The St. Andrew’s Village was opened officially in August 2006 where a big ceremony was held in the 1000-seater capacity Cultural Center found in Junior College.

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