Midtown Suites by Guocoland Beside Nicoll Highway

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Beside Nicoll Highway

Get New Experience From Midtown Suites with Guocoland Developer. Though little is known about Beach road, it has just received a new majestic look following the development of Midtown Suites by the world brand developer Guocoland. The space occupied by the development is very strategic offering more freedom and control as it has many other amenities located within the vicinity of Midtown Suites. Though the initial amount that was used to acquire the site was huge and attracted the attention of the world, the final result of the development has turned positive and attractive. The massive development is a shared stake between two major parties the Guoco Group and Guocoland in the ratio 30 to 70 percent respectively.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Close to Esplanade

Visiting the facility gives you a true picture of uniqueness under the sun as the facility presents all that you may need in a modern way under one development. Almost all the sports can be done within the facility and it makes a perfect destination for your family time out or stay. The surrounding of Midtown Suites Guocoland is perfect for shopping following the major shopping centers that are located within the circle of the development. When you are looking for quality time outdoors with your family, Esplanade Park that is located near Midtown Suites will serve you perfectly.

Midtown Suites Beside Nicoll Highway

Accessible of Midtown Suites has been perfected by the major MRT stations that point to the development from different directions. Beach Road has also been linked in a convenient way to the Nicoll highway making Midtown Suites accessible using the many available buses. Whether you are traveling to visit the development for the first time or making subsequent visits, you easily make your way there as it sits right at the center of East Coast Parkway and Central Expressway which are well known. Your kids will also get convenience when it comes to education as the development sit next to some of the best elite schools.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Singapore

When it came to the light that Guocoland was to take control of the development, many had confidence as the developer is known for its good work. The company that runs most of its operation from Singapore headquarter is known worldwide and has a great portfolio for both developments and investments. With a clear vision and good track record registered by the developer, some of the developments have gone beyond the borders of Singapore to China and other big cities.

The management of the developing company has remained positive and committed to transform the whole district. The fact that Bugis street is next to Midtown Suites gives your even better reason to visit the development when heading out for your daily shopping.

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