Mayfair Modern Oxley Holdings at King Albert Park MRT Station

Mayfair Modern Oxley Holdings at King Albert Park MRT Station

Mayfair modern is a newly formed leasehold development situated in Bukit Tamah. It is located not far away from King Albert Park. It has a unique and best environment for one to stay at in Bukit Timah. Mayfair modern has various facilities such as guard house and even gym room. Also, there are other facilities like tennis court, swimming pool function room and also a clubhouse. Children are also favored since there is a children’s playground in the facility. Therefore Mayfair Modern Oxley Holdings gives entertainment to the whole family and other loved ones.

Mayfair Modern Location at Bukit Timah

The condo is strategically positioned with various shopping centers situated around it. For instance, there is the popular shopping center of Bukit Tamah which will be the main center of shopping for visitors. Additionally, there is the Beauty World Center and also Beauty World Plaza. In addition, the condo is close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is a place where many families can go to spend some time. There are various means that one can use to access the condo. King Albert Park MRT from the Downtown Line can be used to access it. There are routes that can be used by busses and those who own cars.

Mayfair Modern Nearness to Academic Institutions

The condo is situated close to various academic institutions including international schools. Staying in the condo will make you close to such institutions hence one will spend less time when sending kids to school. This will also save the time for kids as they will stay at home and get enough time to rest and study. There is a number of schools that are prestigious around the condo. Parents should note that it is important to spend less time sending kids to school and getting back home.

Mayfair Modern Developer Oxley Holdings

Oxley Holdings which is the host of the condo cooperate with other partners to see that the facility expands the business. Therefore, it has opened other branches in the united states, south England and London. The staff of the facility can be seen to have employees of a high level. All the workers are supposed to be intelligent, hardworking and responsible in all the branches of the business. They are all reliable and motivated in performing their tasks. The facility examines each of the employees to ensure that quality service is offered to the customers.


Mayfair Modern has a demand for development providers who are of high quality. They are able to automate same tasks to increase the quality of service to customers. Its location is also seen to be a good position favoring both the customers and the owners. It is situated in a place that can be easily accessed by any means of transport. There are shopping centers surrounding it hence easy to stay there. All this are designed for the needs of the customers. For those who need to have the best experience, welcome to Mayfair Modern.

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