Living in Newton

Living in Newton

Newton is an important city in Singapore that is located within the Central Area of the country’s Central Region. Characterized by numerous attractions, including the Battlebox war museum and Hawker Center (the most popular circus spot), Newton can be an exciting place to stay in. However, before you contemplate moving to the city, ask yourself this question; is Newton affordable for me? To be able to answer that, here is an overview of the major cost factors. Newton Food Centre is located near to Kopar at Newton and therefore there will be buyers who are looking for a development near to Newton MRT Station. Kopar at Newton Kampong Java Road is also located near to Newton Food Centre.

Living in Newton Central Business District

Shelter is the largest cost factor when it comes to living in Newton with the median home rent (per month) ranging between SGD 3850 and SGD 11500. The median home price, on the other hand, varies from SGD 1.69 million to SGD 5.51 million. In both cases, the price depends on the type of house you are looking at such as studio/1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms.
Eating out costs between SGD 4.52 and SGD 19.27 per meal. A bottle of beer or fine quality wine ranges between SGD 11.52 and SGD 44.05, respectively. Home meals, on the other hand, will cost at least SGD 2/meal, depending on the type of the meal, quantity, and other factors. The new development is called Kopar @ Newton located near to Newton Hawker Centre.

Cost of traveling in Newton

The cost of education in Newton compares to the C.O.E of other cities in Singapore. If you are a parent, expect to pay around SGD 440.51/month for your child from reception through to year 13.However, if he or she is an international student, you are going to part with more Marina Gardens Condo up to SGD 991.15/month. Secondary school fees range from SGD 440.51/month to SGD 523. 11/ month. Finally, college fees vary between SGD 481.81/month and SGD 2684. 37/ month.

Healthcare Cost in Newton

Good news is that healthcare is relatively affordable with normal healthcare services ranging between SGD 27.53 and SGD 41.30. Blood services and x-ray will cost up to SGD 68.83 and SGD 110.13, respectively.

Newton is an exciting city to live in with abundant fun and exciting things to do. While shelter and education can be costly for an average household, dining and drinking is relatively affordable. So is healthcare, which is in fact the lowest cost factor of living in the city. Sounds like an affordable place for you or the opposite? You can comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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