Increase Your Home’s Value by Making Your Basement a Bedroom

Increase Your Home’s Value by Making Your Basement a Bedroom

Improve your home by transforming your basement into another bedroom.  In doing so, you could change a little-used space into a useful, or even profitable, part of your house.  Depending on its size, it’s possible to create one or more bedrooms out of it.  These could be used as spacious rooms for visitors, household members or other relatives.  It is even possible to turn them into income-generating rental rooms listable on Airbnb or a similar site.  The following are some things to consider and do if you decide to remodel your basement:

Determine how prone to flooding your basement is.  Then, according to the threat level, take steps to keep it dry.  Paint the floor and walls with concrete sealer.  Install a new or stronger sump pump to remove water entering your basement.  Also, try to remove earth that slopes towards it to prevent water drainage into your new bedrooms.

Since most basements don’t have windows for better ventilation or an escape route, it’s even more important to have proper safety equipment installed there.  Place fire extinguishers, alarms and carbon dioxide detectors strategically throughout it.  Also, consider testing the area for mold and radon gas.

Make sure your new underground bedrooms remain warm enough for people to comfortably live down there during the winter months, especially if you live in a colder climate.  Be certain they are well-insulated and that air isn’t escaping or entering through the windows.  Install space heaters to further heat the area.

Reduce the moisture level of your subterranean bedrooms with a continuously-operating dehumidifier.  This can help prevent the growth of mold, reduce moldy odors and moderate your basement’s temperature.

No one really wants to live in a place that looks like the typical dark and scary basement.  So, use your imagination and transform the space into a comfortable, interesting place that people actually enjoy being in.  Get some cool ideas from architectural and interior design magazines.  Also, try to design it specifically for the people you expect to use it.  Will it mostly be used as a rental room, a room for your children, or a guest room for friends and relatives?  As you can imagine, kids will enjoy a much different kind of room than an adult would.  Whatever you decide to do, try to incorporate the existing architectural elements of your basement into your design plans.  Exposed beams and pipes, for example, can be painted to look like facial features of your child’s favorite cartoon character.  Remember, you’re only limited by the depth of your imagination.

Making your basement a valuable, useful part of your house is relatively easy.  While it does take some time, work and money, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the costs.  So, why not do it and increase the overall value of your home.

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