Hongkong Land Group Eunos New Condo

Hongkong is a giant leading property management, investment as well as development group. The group was founded back in 1889. Hongkong land business operates in strict guidelines that ensure they are promoting integrity; excellence and partnership in every task they undertake to make sure all their beloved clients are served in a professional way.

The Hongkong land group owns and manages over 850,000 sq. m. of prime office and many retail properties in most populous Asian cities, primarily in Hongkong, Beijing, and Singapore. Hongkong land’s properties create attention to globe’s foremost companies and extreme luxury brands.

Hongkong Land MCL Land New Condo

Hongkong’s central portfolio represents approximately over 450,000 sq. m. of prime property. Also in place is 165,000 sq. m.of most luxurious and most ever prestigious office space in Singapore. However, they are mainly held through joint investment, a prestigious retail center located in Wangfujing in Beijing China, and a 50% interest central Jakarta’s leading complex office. The new development is by Hong Kong Land and is located next to Eunos MRT Station.

The Hongkong Land group also has a large number of high quality and prestigious residential, commercial as well as the mixed-used projects under development across various cities in Southeast Asia and Greater China. The quality of services offered by the Hongkong Land group has created its reputation thus conquering the property management, investment world just name few.

Hongkong Land Holdings Group Eunos Condo

In Singapore, the Hongkong land subsidiary, MCL Land, is a timely and perfectly established residential developer which stands out as the leading residential developer in Singapore. Everyone is now embracing Hongkong Land group as it has proofed to be the property management as well as investment game changer.

Hongkong Land Holdings Group Limited is incorporated in Bermuda. Also, the group has a standard listing in London Stock Exchange. Also, it has a secondary listing in developed regions such as Singapore and Bermuda.

Hongkong Land Real Estate Developer

For professional property investment, management and development, get in contact with Hong Kong Land group. You will like its product as the properties will have high-class standards, luxurious, prestigious and other unique features. The group is there to make sure your property has got a good value that will attract more clients as well as investors.

The Group’s investments and assets are under the management of Hongkong Land Limited from Hongkong. The Hongkong land is an official member of the Jardine Matheson Group.

Since its establishment has always maintained top-notch standards making sure they keep pace with Asia’s dynamic economies thus creating extremely vibrant communities which are suitable for living and doing business.

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