Fourth Avenue Residences Near to Shopping Centres at Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue Residences Near to Shopping Centres at Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue is a residence that has been newly developed and is located in Bukit Timah road in MRT station Sixth Avenue. This residence has unique facilities such as swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor gym, guard house; children’s playground among many others. The residence homes many top class academic institutions and very prestigious schools around the region. The residence has gained much value due to the convenience of MRT station Sixth Avenue.

Shopping Centers around Fourth Avenue Residences

There are countless shopping centers located next to fourth avenue residences, thus making shopping experience convenient. Among them include:

Bukit Timah Plaza Shopping Center
It’s an awesome plaza with a good vibe as well as amazing stores located near to fourth avenue residences. Residents near to Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties can purchase many things here. Almost everything you want is here, from dining shops, service stores, and education materials just naming a few.

Beauty World Shopping Center
It’s a great shopping center for residents. You can find all sorts of eateries here. It’s a great shopping center to visit since it is located near many useful entities such as banks, schools among others.

There are so many businesses in this plaza including employment agencies, wedding stores, tailors and music schools just to name few.

Schools near Fourth Avenue Residences

The residence is surrounded by top-class and prestigious schools. Thus, your children are guaranteed quality education which will iron them to be useful in the community in future.

These schools include:

Hwa Chong Institution
It’s a Chinese based institution found in Singapore and offers students both secondary and pre-university education. The school is among the populous national junior colleges located in Singapore.

The institution offers integrated as well as school-based programs and it carries its operations under the Special Assistance Plan. The institution performs excellently and has countless students who have managed to join top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The institution is located just a few minutes walk from Forth Avenue Residences.

The Chinese High School
It’s a high school located next to Fourth Avenue Residences. It’s a good school with qualified staff and beautiful environment for your children. Their performance is excellent due to the quality of education student get from their teachers.

Hwa Chong Junior College
This is another prestigious institution located near to Fourth Avenue residence. Previously it offered pre-university education and its establishment was an independent institution.

It’s a great school with a well-organized education system that makes student excel both academically and in co-curricular activities.

Transportation Around Fourth Avenue Residences

Transportation in Fourth Avenue Residences has been made very convenience by the Sixth Avenue MRT station which connects the residence to other parts of Singapore.

It’s a nice place to live full of beauty. Don’t hesitate to visit the residence and book a unit to live with your family enjoying all these sorts of amenities.

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