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Parc Clematis Jalan Lempeng SingHaiYi Group Real Estate Development

Parc Clematis is a new development condo located in Singapore. The project was formerly known as Park West Enbloc before it was sold to SingHaiYi group at a price of $840.90 million. It is located near the mature town of Jalan Lempeng where there are plenty of facilities such as shopping and transport. Parc Clematis is among the larger plots that have been bought in an effort by developers to show up their land banks. The Clement Canopy and The Trilinq are among the developments which have been fully sold in the mature town of Clementi. This freehold condo has unique amenities such as function room, 50 m swimming pool, children’s playground, BBQ pits, sun deck, clubhouse, indoor gym, guardhouse, and tennis court.

Project Details for Parc Clematis Jalan Lempeng

Project Developer: SingHaiYi Group
Tenure: 99 years Leasehold
Address of Development: Jalan Lempeng Singapore
District: 05
Site Area: 633,644 square feet
Gross Floor Area: 1,330,652 square feet
No of Units: Approximately1,500 units
No of Stories: To Be Advised
No of Blocks To Be Advised

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group Real Estate Development

SingHaiYi Group is a real estate firm involved in investments and property developments. Mr. Neil Bush and Mr. Gordon Tang share the bond team. They have a wide range of experience in real estate business. The group has successfully completed many developments in Singapore and has secured other projects in the US. There are three ongoing projects under this firm including Parc Clematis. SingHaiYi Group is in a fantastic position and hopefully they will expand their network in the overseas marketplaces.

There are numerous shops located near Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group such as 321 Clementi, Grantral Mall, and Clementi Mall. West Coast Park is also located near this development where families can spend some quality time. Clementi Town which is located near Bukit Timah is one of the larger housing estates. It’s various facilities such as coffee shops attract many residents. The town is fully integrated with the bus interchange making it convenient for residents traveling to Tampines, Buona Vista, Jurong East, Central Business District as well as Changi Airport.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Commonwealth Avenue

The Clementi MRT Station located near to Parc Clematis Condo on the East-West Line leads to Parc Clematis. There are several buses along Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Avenue 6. Residents traveling to the city can use Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

Schools nearby include:
Japanese Kindergarten
NUS High School
Nan Hua Primary School
Clementi Primary School
Clementi Town Secondary School
Clementi Girls’ School
Australian International School
Singapore Polytechnic
National University of Singapore

Parc Clematis show flat consists of different layouts starting from 1 bedroom for buyers looking for a bite-size quantum. There are also large 3 bedrooms with bigger living room for families with kids.

Both Outside Central Region and Rest of Central Region also experienced an increase 0.8 percent and 1.8 percent respectively in their Q4 prices. This was different from the prices that was posted in Q3 as there was a drop of 1.3 percent for Rest of Central Region and 0.1 percent for Rest of Central Region that was recorded.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Beside Nicoll Highway

Get New Experience From Midtown Suites with Guocoland Developer. Though little is known about Beach road, it has just received a new majestic look following the development of Midtown Suites by the world brand developer Guocoland. The space occupied by the development is very strategic offering more freedom and control as it has many other amenities located within the vicinity of Midtown Suites. Though the initial amount that was used to acquire the site was huge and attracted the attention of the world, the final result of the development has turned positive and attractive. The massive development is a shared stake between two major parties the Guoco Group and Guocoland in the ratio 30 to 70 percent respectively.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Close to Esplanade

Visiting the facility gives you a true picture of uniqueness under the sun as the facility presents all that you may need in a modern way under one development. Almost all the sports can be done within the facility and it makes a perfect destination for your family time out or stay. The surrounding of Midtown Suites Guocoland is perfect for shopping following the major shopping centers that are located within the circle of the development. When you are looking for quality time outdoors with your family, Esplanade Park that is located near Midtown Suites will serve you perfectly.

Midtown Suites Beside Nicoll Highway

Accessible of Midtown Suites has been perfected by the major MRT stations that point to the development from different directions. Beach Road has also been linked in a convenient way to the Nicoll highway making Midtown Suites accessible using the many available buses. Whether you are traveling to visit the development for the first time or making subsequent visits, you easily make your way there as it sits right at the center of East Coast Parkway and Central Expressway which are well known. Your kids will also get convenience when it comes to education as the development sit next to some of the best elite schools.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Singapore

When it came to the light that Guocoland was to take control of the development, many had confidence as the developer is known for its good work. The company that runs most of its operation from Singapore headquarter is known worldwide and has a great portfolio for both developments and investments. With a clear vision and good track record registered by the developer, some of the developments have gone beyond the borders of Singapore to China and other big cities.

The management of the developing company has remained positive and committed to transform the whole district. The fact that Bugis street is next to Midtown Suites gives your even better reason to visit the development when heading out for your daily shopping.

Roxy Pacific Holdings RV Millenia Close to the City

Situated at the center of the River valley road, the RV millennia Condo is one of the latest property development. Besides that, it can also be found close to the Great world city. This prime plot of land was developed by an exclusively owned part of the Roxy pacific holdings known as the RH capital two. The plot was therefore obtained at the prize of $110m. This freehold development is set in a key location which translates to a ratio of 2.8.

The development has got extremely outstanding facilities such as a tennis court, a function room, kids playing ground, sun deck, swimming pool among many other exclusive facilities. If you need full entertainment needs for your loved ones and family, then you are in the right place.

RV Millenia Close to the City by Roxy Pacific Holdings

The condo is situated in a relaxed and peaceful environment far away from the city. It is just found close to the Great world city and right on the river valley. Due to the size of the prime plot, it is projected that 100 units are likely to be built. This means the development will be 18 stories. The new property will be one of the undertakings by the Roxy Pacific holdings. This is a reliable estate developer with a number of projects in Singapore. The company was established back in 1967 and since then, it has been majorly dealing with residential projects.

RV Millenia Strategic location

RV Millenia development is advantageously situated around a number of shopping centers. A good example is the famous Triple one and Great world city shopping malls. Besides that, the new development is also found near several parks such as the Fort canning and Istana parks. This means you will have access to a good environment for outdoor activities with friends and family.
If you are taking a bus to the freehold condo, there are a number of them on the River valley road. You can as well find other buses along the Kim Seng road. The condo is also found neat to many restaurants.

RV Millenia Close to Schools

There are a number of elite schools near the RV Millenia condo. Examples of them include the Tmis business school, Raffles girls school, River valley primary, Lasalle college of arts, FZD schools of design among many others. When you stay near to elite schools, your kids will be advantaged in saving traveling time. You will, therefore, have more time with your kids and never worry about distance.

Mayfair Modern Oxley Holdings at King Albert Park MRT Station

Mayfair modern is a newly formed leasehold development situated in Bukit Tamah. It is located not far away from King Albert Park. It has a unique and best environment for one to stay at in Bukit Timah. Mayfair modern has various facilities such as guard house and even gym room. Also, there are other facilities like tennis court, swimming pool function room and also a clubhouse. Children are also favored since there is a children’s playground in the facility. Therefore Mayfair Modern Oxley Holdings gives entertainment to the whole family and other loved ones.

Mayfair Modern Location at Bukit Timah

The condo is strategically positioned with various shopping centers situated around it. For instance, there is the popular shopping center of Bukit Tamah which will be the main center of shopping for visitors. Additionally, there is the Beauty World Center and also Beauty World Plaza. In addition, the condo is close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is a place where many families can go to spend some time. There are various means that one can use to access the condo. King Albert Park MRT from the Downtown Line can be used to access it. There are routes that can be used by busses and those who own cars.

Mayfair Modern Nearness to Academic Institutions

The condo is situated close to various academic institutions including international schools. Staying in the condo will make you close to such institutions hence one will spend less time when sending kids to school. This will also save the time for kids as they will stay at home and get enough time to rest and study. There is a number of schools that are prestigious around the condo. Parents should note that it is important to spend less time sending kids to school and getting back home.

Mayfair Modern Developer Oxley Holdings

Oxley Holdings which is the host of the condo cooperate with other partners to see that the facility expands the business. Therefore, it has opened other branches in the united states, south England and London. The staff of the facility can be seen to have employees of a high level. All the workers are supposed to be intelligent, hardworking and responsible in all the branches of the business. They are all reliable and motivated in performing their tasks. The facility examines each of the employees to ensure that quality service is offered to the customers.


Mayfair Modern has a demand for development providers who are of high quality. They are able to automate same tasks to increase the quality of service to customers. Its location is also seen to be a good position favoring both the customers and the owners. It is situated in a place that can be easily accessed by any means of transport. There are shopping centers surrounding it hence easy to stay there. All this are designed for the needs of the customers. For those who need to have the best experience, welcome to Mayfair Modern.

Boulevard 88 Orchard Core City Center Freehold Condo

Boulevard 88 is another freehold change discovered right at the centers of the Orchards Shopping Districts with Cities Developments Limited. The locate the sits with the prime Orchard Road zone that is arranged near various shopping centers and what’s more improvements contiguous. Boulevard 88 offers money related pros a regarded address and a class that has a place just with the tip top. The freehold progression offers unquestionable asset incorporates that CDL offers to the proprietors of this grand upgrades with sees over the Orchards shoppings districts and moreover the Tanglin gathering. A select and upscale private address foresees you at Boulevard 88.

Boulevard 88 has full and novel workplaces, which consolidates a screen house, clubhouse, work room, indoor rec focus, tennis courts, 50ms swimmings pools, suns decks, BBQs pits and youths’ play territory. The townhouse’s workplaces give full family energy needs to your family and loved ones. Appreciate a peaceful and quiet lifestyle right in the center of Orchard.

Boulevard 88 Orchard Core City Center Freehold Condo

Boulevard 88 Condo is similarly purposely arranged with various strip shopping centers arranged around in the locale adjacent to this Orchard focus downtown territory townhouse. For example, the standard Forums The Shoppings Malls, Far East Shopping Center and Ion Orchard are arranged near Boulevard 88. Road 88 Freehold Condo is furthermore arranged near Singapores Botanics Gardens wheres a ton of outdoors families are open for occupants to contribute some quality vitality with their family.

CDL Citys Developments Limited is a standout amongst other names in the land concerning being an unbridled and distinctive association overseeing in arrive like business shops, private cushions and mechanical districts. City Developments Limited is a usually perceived name in Singapore that assurances to pass on exceptional quality land upgrades and has been in Singapore for quite a while.

City Developments Boulevard 88 City Centre Condo

City Developments Limited similarly offers accessible to be bought/lease in tremendous quantities of the acclaimed progressions in Singapore. Lion’s offer of their postings are arranged in Singapore. A segment of the celebrated upgrades join New Futura, Twin Towers, Cliveden at Grange and Coco Palms.

City Developments In Other Counties Including China and UK

City Developments originator arrive in Singapore and additionally in various countries, for instance, Australia, China, Japan, and the UK.

City Developments Limited Real Estate Developer for Boulevard 88

Store organization is furthermore part of City Developments Limited. City Developments Limited is moreover modify at better and compelling asset organization structure which furthermore weaves their advantage a motivating force as Singapore’s main land design.

City changes limited is an important world land firm with a framework spreading to hundred regions in twenty eight countries and areas. The association is recorded on Singapore’s exchange and its one of the best firms by promote capitalization. Its different geographic portfolio and wage fuse work environments, residences, malls, advantage pads, lodgings and facilitated lofts. With an extraordinary notoriety of over fifty years in arrive endeavors, headway, and organization, the association has made in excess of forty thousand homes. Its broadened arrive gives a ground-breaking advancement pipeline in Singapore and likewise essential markets of Japan, China, Australia, and the UK. That said here are a part of the organization’s private properties accessible to be bought.

Uptown at Farrer Park MRT Station Low Keng Huat

Ranger and Club Function Room offers a wide range of unique facilities in the lower grounds of the King Huat, which include a gym, tennis courts, a 50-meter pool, solarium, barbecue area, and playground. Housing units provide family fun for your family and loved ones. Pamper yourself in a quiet and peaceful way of life in the heart of Park Farrer.

Business facilities are located on the first floor of Uptown at Freer. Given the proximity of companies, it is not surprising that many companies are operating in a residential area on the road to Permalum. The successful company was only the construction company “Low keng Huat Limited”. They succeeded in taking over the property for $ 174.08 million. When the first floor is full of stores, they will get what they absolutely admit.

Prices for Uptown @ Farrer Park MRT Station

Despite the exorbitant prices, the developer offered $ 174.08 million to the country. I know. UU They equal the price of the land of $ 1,000, $ 72. It is believed that the current market sentiment is an attractive value for the state of the block and the final residence of the land demands at the Uptown at Farrer Park MRT Station. Some of these places are far from the city, but developers paid a higher price compared to a property in Uptown at Farrer.

Hotel Uptown property in Freer Uptown in Farrer
Farrer Location, which has many locations and hotels in the region, also offers many other places in Uptown at Farrer Condo. Some of them are Fortuna, Femloft Hostel, Claremont Hotel, Sheng Hotel and Tai Hoe Hotel. For families with children, Somme Road Playground has other family problems for children, such as playing time. While they are there, their parents can enjoy shopping at shopping centers or other events.

Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited real estate developer

Under Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd. In 1969, he began humbly as a real estate developer and became a fully-fledged developer, including other real estate projects, such as hotels and other forms of investment. Under Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd. Seeks to develop reliable and stable business strategies that add confidence and quality to your work. The values and objectives are determined by Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited because of the ever-changing property and competitive power to create value for shareholders and shareholders.

Objectives of the limited mission of Keng Huat (Singapore) and key executives

Low Keng Huat (Singapore) limits the main centers of construction and real estate investments. The latest DBSS Parkland Residences project received good comments on the development and Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited is trying to improve its development through continuous learning. Key managers include Low Keng Huat and Low Keng Book, who have extensive experience in real estate.

The results in terms of the number of requests exceeded expectations. Given the current market sentiment, companies are expected to offer a real estate price. Of course, popularity was a crucial factor in the price increase that some companies were willing to pay. Yes, some companies were surprised that Low Keng Huat wanted to buy this fake MRT from Uptown Farrer Park. Some companies in the auction were not happy because they lost, so they returned to the restructuring with auction figures. 16161 square meters. Up to 200 units can be accommodated. Of course, these tenants are a combination of residential and commercial facilities.

Medical services near Uptown at Farrer
With the growth of medical tourism in Singapore, there is another good apartment next to hospitals, as well as private medical facilities. Uptown @ Farrer has a central location and is a great option for investors looking for special developments near hospitals. For example, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is located near the MRT stations of Uptown @ Farrer and Farrer Park. This provides easy access to the hospital and can sometimes be overlooked. Connexion in Farrer Park will also be an important medical facility, an integrated health, and hospitality complex in which a medical tourist can be treated in a relaxed hotel environment.

Fourth Avenue Residences Near to Shopping Centres at Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue is a residence that has been newly developed and is located in Bukit Timah road in MRT station Sixth Avenue. This residence has unique facilities such as swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor gym, guard house; children’s playground among many others. The residence homes many top class academic institutions and very prestigious schools around the region. The residence has gained much value due to the convenience of MRT station Sixth Avenue.

Shopping Centers around Fourth Avenue Residences

There are countless shopping centers located next to fourth avenue residences, thus making shopping experience convenient. Among them include:

Bukit Timah Plaza Shopping Center
It’s an awesome plaza with a good vibe as well as amazing stores located near to fourth avenue residences. Residents near to Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties can purchase many things here. Almost everything you want is here, from dining shops, service stores, and education materials just naming a few.

Beauty World Shopping Center
It’s a great shopping center for residents. You can find all sorts of eateries here. It’s a great shopping center to visit since it is located near many useful entities such as banks, schools among others.

There are so many businesses in this plaza including employment agencies, wedding stores, tailors and music schools just to name few.

Schools near Fourth Avenue Residences

The residence is surrounded by top-class and prestigious schools. Thus, your children are guaranteed quality education which will iron them to be useful in the community in future.

These schools include:

Hwa Chong Institution
It’s a Chinese based institution found in Singapore and offers students both secondary and pre-university education. The school is among the populous national junior colleges located in Singapore.

The institution offers integrated as well as school-based programs and it carries its operations under the Special Assistance Plan. The institution performs excellently and has countless students who have managed to join top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The institution is located just a few minutes walk from Forth Avenue Residences.

The Chinese High School
It’s a high school located next to Fourth Avenue Residences. It’s a good school with qualified staff and beautiful environment for your children. Their performance is excellent due to the quality of education student get from their teachers.

Hwa Chong Junior College
This is another prestigious institution located near to Fourth Avenue residence. Previously it offered pre-university education and its establishment was an independent institution.

It’s a great school with a well-organized education system that makes student excel both academically and in co-curricular activities.

Transportation Around Fourth Avenue Residences

Transportation in Fourth Avenue Residences has been made very convenience by the Sixth Avenue MRT station which connects the residence to other parts of Singapore.

It’s a nice place to live full of beauty. Don’t hesitate to visit the residence and book a unit to live with your family enjoying all these sorts of amenities.

Potong Pasir Town UOL Group Condo Residential Properties

UOL Group limited is with no doubt one of the best-certified property Companies in Singapore. Thanks to its intensive collection of hotels, equipped suites and development and investment properties.

The reason of its success is because of the strong belief in delivering excellent products and services. These services are not only offered in Singapore but also beyond its borders. This is to ensure that they avail a robust property, and hospitality services to all. By following the core values that they have put in place, UOL Group has successfully rendered quality services to its members and employees. Here are the properties UOL has made available to its customers

Potong Pasir MRT Station Singapore

Finding a quality home is everyone’s wildest dream. To satisfy this unending urge, UOL Group provides a number of residential properties. Since it regards people as their greatest assets, these residential properties are of great quality. Being dedicated to making a masterwork in each and every project undertaken, they go past just giving you good-living environment. Emphasizing on elegant architectural design, UOL group avails unmatched property designs both for Singapore residents and international. For those leaving in Singapore, they can book a residential place at the following places;

• Amber 45

• The Clement Canopy

• Principal Garden

• Riverbank @Fernvale

• Thomson Three

Those are only but a few of residential properties UOL Group has in Singapore. For those in United Kingdom, Malaysia, China, and Australia, there are a number of residential properties this amazing group has put in place.

The Trever Condo UOL Group Potong Pasir Town

As a commercial company, having offices is a fundamental aspect in a bid to be successful. These are designated places for every company where they will be meeting their potential clients and customers.UOL Group has been revolutionary and successful in this area. It provides stable offices located in areas of improved infrastructure both in Singapore and Internationally. These offices foster great functionality thus increasing the competitiveness of the company. Some of those buildings are even being used as headquarters by multi-million companies, famous embassies and established corporations. This confirms the modernized art building management systems that are offered by UOL Group offices.

UOL Group limited is well versed with the need for state of the art hotels. Hotels that can befit the lavish lives of business dignitaries, some people and also for its employees. That being the case, UOL Group has gone a notch higher to providing state of the art hotels, well endorsed with quality hospitality services. So that, whenever you reside in them while on holiday or business trip, your stay is worth remembering. Besides, you get to be served by friendly and skilled hospitality experts ensuring you get value for your money. These hotels include the following;

Potong Pasir New Condo by UOL Group Singapore

• Parkroyal Hotels and Resorts

• Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts

• Pan Pacific Hotels Group

Leadership is very pivotal to the success of any company. A competent leader will always come up with sober ideas which are aimed at propelling the company forward and making it competitive. This has been the case with UOL Group. By having a reliable board of directors and skilled management team, achieving set standards has been made easier. As a result, it has attracted a lot of shareholders who religiously contribute to the success of this company.

Potong Pasir Town

Potong Pasir is a renowned housing estate that is found between Sennett Estate and Toa Payoh. Located in Singapore’s Central Region, Potong Pasir ward is the longest-held opposition area in Singapore’s predominant one-party. The Potong Pasir area can be accessed by an MRT Station.

History of Potong Pasir

During the early 1900s, this Potong Pasir was dominant with sand-quarries which gave it its present name whose meaning in Malay is “cut sand”. Mining led to the creation of four ponds that are linked to Kallang River which provided a source of food to the local folks until they got polluted. In the mid-1950s, this region became one of the important areas in Singapore for vegetable growing. As modernization started to pick up in the following years, there was an introduction of community education center, electricity, piped water among others.

Because Potong Pasir experienced regular flooding, the government started to acquire some parts of this land in the 1970s for redevelopment and most villagers had to move out. The Potong Pasir Estate, a public housing estate started to take shape in the early 1980s. Even after the completion of these housing blocks, this ward has a unique idyllic feel that can still match with the current pace of urbanization.

Political History

Elections in Potong Pasir are usually hotly contested. Chiam See Tong was an opposition member of parliament for this ward from 1984 until 2011. Mrs. Lina Chiam took the leadership reins from the incumbent Chiam See Tong from 2011 until 2015 when the current Member of Parliament Sitoh Yih Pin from the People’s Action Party successful defended this ward and won the seat with a huge margin.

Schools in Potong Pasir

This estate is home to elite schools such as the St. Andrew’s Village which is part of the Saints Family, a cluster of education institutions that comprises of St. Andrews’ Junior School, Secondary School and Junior College all which together from the St. Andrews’ School. The early 2000s project for St Andrews’ Village saw a plan being designed to allow all the three schools to reunite in Potong Pasir.

Expansion and renovation of Junior School began in 2003 and in 2004, the new re-modeled building was opened. Construction of the Junior College and new Secondary School also began in 2003. Both the school and the college were opened in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The St. Andrew’s Village was opened officially in August 2006 where a big ceremony was held in the 1000-seater capacity Cultural Center found in Junior College.

Jui Residences Near to Shopping Centres at Serangoon Road Singapore

With Singapore boasting a wide array of first-world infrastructures and properties, the need for competing developers to boost their campaigns for state-of-the-art development has been of adamant and rampant necessity. One of its rising towns could be traced to Serangoon, a residential town that is strategically bordered by Sengkang, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, and Toa Payoh, all of which are prominent developing locations. Through the current demands of society for modernized residential areas and properties, the Jui Residences was planned and developed by Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB).

Jui Residences Location Near to Shopping Centres

A development area that can be seen in 1177 Serangoon Road, Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road boasts safety and convenience for its clients because of its near proximity with major industrial and commercial properties. This residential property is a development of freehold condominium units that are estimated to be of almost 120 units. It has an estimated area of 31,705 square feet and an estimated floor area of 88,774 square feet. Furthermore, prospective clients should need not worry about the credentials of the developer as SDB already has numerous successful projects to its list such JCube Condo as Windows on the Park in Cheras, Malaysia, By the Sea in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Park Seven in Persiaran KLCC among many others. Selangor Dredging Berhad has been a leading advocate of efficient development concepts and layouts sought of by an abundance of clients for its affordability and convenience.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo 1177 Serangoon Road SDB

The Serangoon Road for Jui Residences location at 1177 Serangoon Road, on which the development is located, is interlinked to the Woodsville Interchange that houses restaurants that are open from morning to late night. The Serangoon Road is also a convenient bridge towards the city area, where countless commercial properties and corporate industries are located. This would definitely bode well for prospective clients as they would not be faced with problems such as employment and access to daily necessities like supermarkets and malls. Specific essential infrastructures located nearby Jui Residences are shopping centres like The Poiz Centre and The Venue Shoppes, transportation routes provided by Potong Pasir MRT, and Boon Keng MRT Station, and educational communities like the Bendemeer Primary and Secondary School and St. Andrew’s Primary and Secondary. Taking pride in providing a place of relaxing recreation, smoother transportation, abundant employment opportunities, and convenient housing packages, the Jui Residences promotes premium and honest service to its clients.

Jui Residence Freehold Condo Singapore Near to Shopping Centres

Exhibiting its high-quality services on a strategic property formerly owned by a water and bottling company that has since stopped operations in the 1990s, the Jui Residences provides its property buyers an elegant view of the Kailang River, a majestic body of water that spans Toa Payoh and Kallang Basin. The company also plans to retain and preserve the original building that housed the NAWC as an advocacy towards building the history and culture of Singapore. Moreover, the Jui Residences will have modernized amenities like swimming pools, indoor and outdoor fitness and wellness centers, and reading rooms and libraries. Healthcare facilities such as Pariqua Clinic, Tham Clinic, Choo-Ng & Ho Clinic and Surgery and Low Medical Clinic are easily accessible for the community. By offering prospective residents an opportunity to rightfully own a state-of-the-art freehold property in an established commercial area, buying a housing unit in this property development is a win-win situation for any kind of person.

The Garden Residences Keppel Land Serangoon North Condo

The Garden Residences is without a doubt one of the most pristine developments slated to come up in Singapore. This condominium is situated in the central part of Serangoon area which is found in the North Eastern section of the island state of Singapore. This flourishing construction project of The Garden Residences by Keppel Land sits on land with a GFA of 462389 square feet and property area measuring 184954 square feet. Its plot ratio amounts to 2.5. The developers are estimating that this lush property will house about five hundred and five units.

The Garden Residences Keppel Land Serangoon North Condo

Ownership for the land on which the property is being constructed has been acquired through a leasehold tenure that will stretch for ninety nine years. Wingtai Holdings is the firm responsible for developing the Garden Residences Condo. It has been in the real estate business since 1955 and has a proven track record in providing affordable housing to the citizens of Singapore over the years. It has six decades of experience in the construction scene of Singapore. Wingtai Holdings was the highest bidder during the bidding for the prime piece of land on which the condo is being built. It won the bid after submitting a total sum of $446,28 million.

The Garden Residences Serangoon Singapore

Its location at District 19, North Avenue 1 of Serangoon exposes it to essential provisions. Some of the utilities available within close proximity are learning institutions and shopping centers. Rosyth School, which is a distinguished learning institution in the country of Singapore is located just nearby. The Garden Residences is located near to Serangoon North and photo clips and videos of the development will be available soon for your consideration.

The Garden Residences condominium will boast of state of the art facilities. These provisions include barbecue pits, a top of the range swimming pool, a function room, a playground for children, a tennis court, a sun deck, an indoor gym, an ultra-modern clubhouse as well as a guard house. The developer had the needs of those who like keeping fit in mind by designing the condo with features such as a tennis court, a swimming pool and an indoor gym.

Garden Residences Serangoon North Avenue 1

Not only that, the Serangoon region in which the Garden Residences condominium is located is home to some of the best eateries. Nex Mall which is close to the Condo is a nice place to go for anyone in search of finger-licking delicacies. Serangoon Garden has a wide range of restaurants to choose from not only in seafood but also in other food varieties. The country club in Serangoon Gardens which is nearby has set itself apart in providing some of most unbeatable family-friendly deals in food and entertainment.

The government of Singapore has grand plans to offset another housing project dubbed the Bidadari housing estate in the same area. This will definitely spark the growth of the town and that is why top real estate firms and construction agencies are showing massive interest in the town of Serangoon. Its nearness to Bartley town which is expanding rapidly is also a plus factor in the growth of the condo. The Garden Residences condominium is located a short distance away from interchanges such as Bishan MRT and Serangoon MRT. This will make it easy for the dwellers to access convenient public transport services without any hassles.