Tips for Building a Sustainable Wealth Through Real Estate

Over the years, Americans have been preferring to delay their retirement as lifespans increases. This means that the burden begins to rest on individual savings. It is very rare for the elderly to outlive all their savings. Some people use all their savings to the extent that they rely on their family members for help in their last years.

At times you might have good plans for retirement, only for the plans to be interrupted by inevitable setbacks. This can cause major problems more so to people who have great plans after their retirement. With that in mind, we have analyzed the most important tips for building sustainable wealth.


Do you know that having numerous streams of business is one of the best ways to build wealth in almost all stages of life? Although many people think that you need to have a huge budget to start a side business, this is not the case. In fact, it is very simple. You can consider offering services on weekends or even selling products online. The best way to start a side business is following your passion.


We have witnessed the emergence of automated saving programs for the last couple of years. You can agree with me that indeed some banks have started offering these services. This means that you have a great opportunity to invest your change without arranging a meeting with financial experts. Investing in these apps means that your portfolio will always be diversified. It might be slower to start accumulating wealth, but believe me, it is a good start.


You can attest that it is one of the hardest things to do. Do you have a great idea that is unique and can solve a problem? In that case, be guaranteed that your efforts will be rewarded. It is good to keep in mind that you can even end up making millions when you sell your patent. Also, you can even make more if you secure more royalties. With time, your wealth will have accumulated to a sizeable amount.


Financial experts claim that you should save not less than 20% of your monthly income. This means that you should not be in debt. What if you are in a debt? The savings will be unreasonable. Do you have trouble with discipline? Nowadays, some banks provide automated savings programs. Therefore you should not worry about that.

Tips for Buying a Home

You might have heard that purchasing a home is more like a plunge into the deep end. Which is the best way to start investing? People prefer starting small and make commitments as they gain experience. How can you overcome a lack of experience when purchasing a home? You need to think more about the process. We have come up with several suggestions that you can use when buying a home.


There is nothing better in life than thinking where you are living. Do you think you will live there in the coming years? Such questions are very relevant when it comes to purchasing home. They will help you avoid the evitable costs of short term purchase. In addition, they will be of great help when it comes to factoring housing costs.

Do you live in a posh area? In that situation, you should make sure that your career prospects justify the additional expense.


There is no doubt that buying a home can be costly. The good thing about real estate is that the value of real estate properties appreciates over the long term. Therefore, you should consider buying a home with a long term horizon in your mind. In that situation, it is advisable to think about the future of your family. Family and career have a great impact on what you require from a home. Always keep in mind that short term purchase is more likely to be a financial loser.


For the last couple of years, building home equity has not been offsetting the interest. At times it might make sense of renting a home than incurring insurance and tax costs.


Debts history has been known to cost people in the form of high down payment requirements. It is good to keep healthy credit history. What is the main reason behind this? It will pay off over a long period of time.


Every real estate agent has a specific rule of thumb of the fraction of your income that should get into a house payment. There is more to it than what they tell you. What does home affordability involve? It is all about an individual set of circumstances. They include stability and the overall growth potential of your income.


What is the essence of large down payment? It will help you qualify for a lower mortgage rate. Also, you will have enough time to know the local housing market.

Furniture and Home Decor Deals Galore on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day, a thirty-six hour deal bonanza for Prime subscribers, is the perfect time to find amazing discounts on home decor and furniture. Even those without a current Amazon Prime membership can immediately get in on the action by signing up for a free trial of the service. During this special time of the year, it’s possible to furnish and decorate most of your house for a relatively small fraction of what it would otherwise cost. Continue reading to find out more about the best furniture and home decor deals to shop this Amazon Prime Day.

Stone & Bream and Rivet, two high-quality Amazon private label brands, are discounted up to 30% on Prime Day. While you’re bargain hunting on Amazon, you could order bedroom items like: a spacious, 66.3 inch wide, stylishly modern Rivet Payton Modern Tuft Queen Bed for $579 (regularly $699); or a versatile, yet cozy, Full/Queen-sized (90 by 90 inch) Stone & Beam Reversible Marcana Linen Duvet Cover Set for just $118.99 ($149.99 when not on sale). While you’re at it, there is also some quality living room furniture and decor you could pick up.

Enhance your living room with a new 127 inch wide Stone & Beam Hoffman Down-Filled Performance Sectional Sofa for a jaw-dropping sale price of $1,839.20 (regularly $2,299). A comfortable fifty inch wide Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Modern Chair can be had for a mere $599 (discounted from $799). Cover your living room entryway with a ruggedly durable five by seven inch Contemporary Textured Jute Rug for only a $104.30 (rather than its full price of $149). Grab a chic fifty-eight inch long Rivet Glam Tuft Seat and Gold Legs Upholstered Bench for the low price of $199 (regularly $249).

Other unique pieces of high-quality furniture, as well as home necessities, can also be had on Prime Day. You can score minimalistic 40.9 inch tall Rivet Mid-Century Microfiber Bar Stools, that come in sets of two, for only $119 (instead of their normal price of $169). A rustic, two-toned, 71 inch wide Stone & Beam Barrett Reclaimed Wood Desk can be purchased for your home office or study for just $559.30, instead of it’s pre-sale price of $799. Not only furniture is on sale during these special thirty-six hours. You can also find cool deals on AmazonBasics, Amazon’s division for household utility and necessity items. An extra long, reversible Twin/Twin-sized 5-Piece-Bed-In-A-Bag for the reasonable price of $25.35 (it’s regularly $38). Go ahead and buy a sleek new AmazonBasics Mesh Fabric Executive High-Back chair for a modest $103.99 (regularly $159.99).

Whatever your home furnishing or decorating needs are, you are likely to satisfy them at during Prime Day. Amazon’s vast selection of stylishly durable household items has something that fits into every budget. Moreover, the remarkable bargains you can find during these thirty-six hours of sales will justify shopping on this particular day.

Living in Newton

Newton is an important city in Singapore that is located within the Central Area of the country’s Central Region. Characterized by numerous attractions, including the Battlebox war museum and Hawker Center (the most popular circus spot), Newton can be an exciting place to stay in. However, before you contemplate moving to the city, ask yourself this question; is Newton affordable for me? To be able to answer that, here is an overview of the major cost factors. Newton Food Centre is located near to Kopar at Newton and therefore there will be buyers who are looking for a development near to Newton MRT Station. Kopar at Newton Kampong Java Road is also located near to Newton Food Centre.

Living in Newton Central Business District

Shelter is the largest cost factor when it comes to living in Newton with the median home rent (per month) ranging between SGD 3850 and SGD 11500. The median home price, on the other hand, varies from SGD 1.69 million to SGD 5.51 million. In both cases, the price depends on the type of house you are looking at such as studio/1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms.
Eating out costs between SGD 4.52 and SGD 19.27 per meal. A bottle of beer or fine quality wine ranges between SGD 11.52 and SGD 44.05, respectively. Home meals, on the other hand, will cost at least SGD 2/meal, depending on the type of the meal, quantity, and other factors. The new development is called Kopar @ Newton located near to Newton Hawker Centre.

Cost of traveling in Newton

The cost of education in Newton compares to the C.O.E of other cities in Singapore. If you are a parent, expect to pay around SGD 440.51/month for your child from reception through to year 13.However, if he or she is an international student, you are going to part with more up to SGD 991.15/month. Secondary school fees range from SGD 440.51/month to SGD 523. 11/ month. Finally, college fees vary between SGD 481.81/month and SGD 2684. 37/ month.

Healthcare Cost in Newton

Good news is that healthcare is relatively affordable with normal healthcare services ranging between SGD 27.53 and SGD 41.30. Blood services and x-ray will cost up to SGD 68.83 and SGD 110.13, respectively.

Newton is an exciting city to live in with abundant fun and exciting things to do. While shelter and education can be costly for an average household, dining and drinking is relatively affordable. So is healthcare, which is in fact the lowest cost factor of living in the city. Sounds like an affordable place for you or the opposite? You can comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Avenue South Residence Located at Bukit Merah

A newly developed residential center situated in the downside of Silat avenue near Singapore general hospital awaits you. This avenue covers a large piece of land of approximately 245,972 square meters. It is built near Bukit Merah region, a walking distance to business district and raffles place. Next to Bukit Merah is a Rail corridor that is under conversion to community residence. This avenue is developed on 5 blocks of well preserved flats which were constructed by Singapore improvement trust (SIT). It is sited in a silent place in the CBD consequently catering for individuals who love residing at quiet places. Don’t miss this serene and tranquil living experience.

Avenue South Residence Facilities Located at Bukit Merah

There are a great number of unique facilities and amenities in Avenue South Residence location. To list some, a club house, guard house, function room,wading pool as well as sun deck are all here. Furthermore, a children playground has also been conserved. This residence suits a whole family including your loved ones, no doubt on that. Moreover, an MRT station is built right beside this avenue. This is the Outram MRT station. An upcoming cantonment MRT is underdevelopment. All transport means are provided for right here in this avenue including an upcoming Kampong Bahru bus. Beside Avenue residence center is the Greater Southern Waterfront which constitutes of 56 towers that can be easily viewed from Silat avenue as well as the city.

Avenue South Residence Kampong Bahru Road Tiong Bahru plaza

Surrounding Avenue South Residence Condo are many shopping centers that are easily accessible to any individual. Among them include Tiong Bahru plaza and Dimension Building near UIC residents. The Freehold Condo of this residence have some parks and residence around can have ample time with the whole family. The Outram MRT station together with the cantonment MRT stations are easily accessible by residence as they are in the core city center. A good number of buses are available at Kampong Bahru road and Bukit Merah road. In spite of this, beside this avenue are two expressways; Ayah Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway both considering the travelers.

Avenue South Residence Near to HIJ Kellok a Primary School

As education provides a bright future for our kids, avenue south residence is situated near different levels of schools. CHIJ Kellok a Primary School, CHIJ s.t Theresa’s Convent as well as Cantonment Primary School. A large shopping mall, the Vivocity is situated at Bukit Timah near Harbourfront MRT station. Its a well designed mall with modern facilities. This mall is accessible to everyone living in the Silat avenue and Bukit Merah region.

Make Avenue South Residence your home and enjoy this relaxing and undisturbed surroundings. You can’t miss this great opportunity.

Meyer Modern East Coast Park Guocoland

Meyer Modern is a frehold property developed by Guocoland in the Meyer Road’s heart. The development is tactically located at a prime location next to East Coast Park as well as Katong Park and Tanjong Katong MRT Stations. It’s the most accessible freehold condo located in East Coast vicinity. Meyer Modern is unique in its own ways. The condo has amazing and unique facilities which offer entire family members mind blowing entertainment. Some of the modern facilities at Meyer Modern include club house, guard house, indoor fitness center, functions room, tennis court, expansive and modernly designed swimming pool, BBQ pits, SunDeck, children playground among many others.Meyer Modern promises tranquil, unique and serene lifestyle at the heart of the famous East Coast.

Shopping Centers Located Next to Meyer Modern

Among the key amenities at Meyer Modern Guocoland that should not lack around your living place is shopping centers. They are crucial to our everyday life. Thus, Meyer Modern is strategically placed at the center of the countless shopping center where residents enjoy shopping. This has improved the residents’ livelihood since they don’t travel long distances to shop. The available shopping malls are well equipped with various products needed by residents in their everyday lives. There is a wide range of tenants located there among them fashion centers, supermarkets, cold storages, groceries, eateries, and cinema rooms just to mention a few. Some of the popular shopping malls located in a walking distance from Meyer Modern include Guillemard Village, 112 Katong, Leisure Park among others.

Meyer Modern East Coast Park Guocoland

Residents of Meyer Modern are among the lucky people alive. The residence is situated in counting meters from East Coast Park. The park is beautiful and amazing. It has cool scenes for resting after spending most of your time in a busy and noisy city. The residents meet at this park to have quality time together with their loved ones and enjoy various outdoor activities.

As I mentioned earlier, Meyer Modern is the most accessible condo in East Coast. Its tactical location next to Tanjong Katong and Katong Park MRTs, make it easily accessed. Moreover, there are buses plying along Meyer Road and Mount Batten Road, thus owners can take buses to facilitate their movement to other parts of Singapore.

Meyer Modern Guocoland Near to Schools

East Coast Parkway( ECP) is another option of accessing it since residents can use it to travel to the city. Meyer Modern is surrounded by elite schools offering quality education to the children. The schools’ proximity to Meyer Modern is vital as kids spend much of their time studying other than walking long distances to and from the school.

It’s also a relief to the parents since the time they could spend taking their kids to school and picking them after classes can be used to do other useful activities. Among the top elite schools around include Dunman High, Canadian international, and Chung Cheng schools among others. It’s the high time you own a unit(s) at Meyer Modern. The place is beautiful and has edge-cutting facilities. It sits at the center of amenities thus giving you a lifestyle of your dream.

Riviere Bids for Land at Singapore River

Riviere is located along Singapore river at Jiak Kim street, the former location of Zouk, Singapore’s most popular night club.The site has been generating a lot of interest recently. Given its nostalgic factor, Riviere was put up for sale by the government in October 2017.

Riviere 10 Bids for Plot at Singapore River

According to Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Riviere Singapore River drew a total of 10 bids. Frasers property won the site with a bid of $955.4 million, beating nine other bidders. Frasers property is a multinational company that owns and manages property across Australia,Singapore, China, South East Asia and Europe.The multinational company is yet to announce when its going to commence the project but it’s likely going to be in the First Half of this year. Riviere will consist of 455 Residential units by Woh Hup (Private) Ltd and the development is close to Singapore River. Riviere Jiak Kim Street sites on a prime piece of land that is located near to the Former Zouk Club

Riviere Residential Project 455 Units

Riviere Jiak Kim Street is a residential project of 455 units. It is a Mixed-use development (a live Work area) that includes apartments by Fraser property such as Promenede and the warehouse (Zouk’s location before moving to Clarke Quay). Riviere is marketed by Propnex Realty,Huttons Asia and ERA Realty agencies. Dominic Lee of PropNex Realty (largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore) said Riviere was a nostalgic site especially for people born in the 70s and 80s who recall clubbing in the area when they were youths. He also said that the project will most likely achieve a record price given the price purchase for Jiak Kim Street and its waterfront location. The development is a new development by Frasers Property.

Riviere Spillover Effect to Other New Launches

Riviere’s upcoming launch at Jiak Kim Street has also had a spillover effect on transaction prices of nearby sites. Rivergate (545 units), has experienced increment in average sales (11.3%) from $ 1980 psf in the 4th quarter of 2017 to a whopping 2205 psf in the 4th quarter of 2018-according to Caveats Lodged with Singapore’s Land Authority. Guocoland (450 units), is the latest project launched in Martin Place-Martin Road area. Construction of the project has already been launched-308 units were sold as at December 2018.The latest transaction was at a median price of $2931. In December, units in the area even hit the 3200 psf mark.

Mirage Tower is adjacent to Riviere. It’s a freehold with 248 units. The private condo was completed in 1997. Its transactions have picked up since last year-units have been changing hands at prices of $1720 to$1790. Located further is 8 Rodyk, a 50 unit completed last year.There has been no transaction at 8 Rodyk for close to a year now-last transaction was of a 3 bedroom unit which came in February last year. However, the spotlight will be on the launch of Fraser’s Promenade Residence with a prominent frontage in the coming months.

Fraser Residence Promenade by Fraser Property Great World City MRT Station

Fraser Property is already a world brand company and controls a number of developments in Singapore. The company is well-known as real estate developer across major cities in the world where they have invested. Singapore River is quickly changing after the development of the iconic world-class Fraser Residence Promenade which is under the control of Fraser Property.

Fraser Residence Promenade Great World City MRT Station and Havelock MRT Station

More transformations have been after the sale of the land to Fraser Property more than ever before. It was under the control of the government before the sale with very little attraction to show. Fraser Residence Promenade is sandwiched by other major development such as Great World City, Havelock which are both MRT Stations and the East Coast Line of Thomson that makes it very premium.

Fraser Residence Promenade Fraser Property is now described as a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle center since it has shopping centers and other amenities making life very easy within the vicinity. Considering the development will come with more advantages than you may expect following the complete consideration that has been put in place from guard house to children’s playground. You will get to enjoy an indoor gym, swimming pool, sun deck and clubhouse which are all meant to create a difference in Fraser Residence Promenade.

Family Entertainment Near to Great World City MRT Station at Fraser Residence Promenade

Security of the new development is under good control since it has an equipped guard house that manages every detail on security and threat. The site also provides a unique place for family entertainment and you can make the development a must visit place for your loved ones and family members for a new experience in life. The connection and access of the site have been made very easy through MRT Station and roads which perfectly connect the site.

Fraser Residence Promenade Near to Central Expressway

Central Expressway is one of the known features that will make it very easy to trace Fraser Residence Promenade even for the visitors coming for the first time. With the great experience that has been gathered by the Fraser Property in the field of property development and investment across the world, taking over the latest development in Singapore River was positively received.

The company has had a successful history on the projects that have been delivered perfectly since it was started. It has also demonstrated strong financial muscles following the expansion that has been experienced to help it meet its core values and set company culture. Almost every sector has been influenced by the company as it has wings spread on developments under residential, hospitality, commercial & Business Park, retail and industrial & logistics all offered without compromise.

Parc Clematis Jalan Lempeng SingHaiYi Group Real Estate Development

Parc Clematis is a new development condo located in Singapore. The project was formerly known as Park West Enbloc before it was sold to SingHaiYi group at a price of $840.90 million. It is located near the mature town of Jalan Lempeng where there are plenty of facilities such as shopping and transport. Parc Clematis is among the larger plots that have been bought in an effort by developers to show up their land banks. The Clement Canopy and The Trilinq are among the developments which have been fully sold in the mature town of Clementi. This freehold condo has unique amenities such as function room, 50 m swimming pool, children’s playground, BBQ pits, sun deck, clubhouse, indoor gym, guardhouse, and tennis court.

Project Details for Parc Clematis Jalan Lempeng

Project Developer: SingHaiYi Group
Tenure: 99 years Leasehold
Address of Development: Jalan Lempeng Singapore
District: 05
Site Area: 633,644 square feet
Gross Floor Area: 1,330,652 square feet
No of Units: Approximately1,500 units
No of Stories: To Be Advised
No of Blocks To Be Advised

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group Real Estate Development

SingHaiYi Group is a real estate firm involved in investments and property developments. Mr. Neil Bush and Mr. Gordon Tang share the bond team. They have a wide range of experience in real estate business. The group has successfully completed many developments in Singapore and has secured other projects in the US. There are three ongoing projects under this firm including Parc Clematis. SingHaiYi Group is in a fantastic position and hopefully they will expand their network in the overseas marketplaces.

There are numerous shops located near Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group such as 321 Clementi, Grantral Mall, and Clementi Mall. West Coast Park is also located near this development where families can spend some quality time. Clementi Town which is located near Bukit Timah is one of the larger housing estates. It’s various facilities such as coffee shops attract many residents. The town is fully integrated with the bus interchange making it convenient for residents traveling to Tampines, Buona Vista, Jurong East, Central Business District as well as Changi Airport.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Commonwealth Avenue

The Clementi MRT Station located near to Parc Clematis Condo on the East-West Line leads to Parc Clematis. There are several buses along Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Avenue 6. Residents traveling to the city can use Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

Schools nearby include:
Japanese Kindergarten
NUS High School
Nan Hua Primary School
Clementi Primary School
Clementi Town Secondary School
Clementi Girls’ School
Australian International School
Singapore Polytechnic
National University of Singapore

Parc Clematis show flat consists of different layouts starting from 1 bedroom for buyers looking for a bite-size quantum. There are also large 3 bedrooms with bigger living room for families with kids.

Both Outside Central Region and Rest of Central Region also experienced an increase 0.8 percent and 1.8 percent respectively in their Q4 prices. This was different from the prices that was posted in Q3 as there was a drop of 1.3 percent for Rest of Central Region and 0.1 percent for Rest of Central Region that was recorded.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Beside Nicoll Highway

Get New Experience From Midtown Suites with Guocoland Developer. Though little is known about Beach road, it has just received a new majestic look following the development of Midtown Suites by the world brand developer Guocoland. The space occupied by the development is very strategic offering more freedom and control as it has many other amenities located within the vicinity of Midtown Suites. Though the initial amount that was used to acquire the site was huge and attracted the attention of the world, the final result of the development has turned positive and attractive. The massive development is a shared stake between two major parties the Guoco Group and Guocoland in the ratio 30 to 70 percent respectively.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Close to Esplanade

Visiting the facility gives you a true picture of uniqueness under the sun as the facility presents all that you may need in a modern way under one development. Almost all the sports can be done within the facility and it makes a perfect destination for your family time out or stay. The surrounding of Midtown Suites Guocoland is perfect for shopping following the major shopping centers that are located within the circle of the development. When you are looking for quality time outdoors with your family, Esplanade Park that is located near Midtown Suites will serve you perfectly.

Midtown Suites Beside Nicoll Highway

Accessible of Midtown Suites has been perfected by the major MRT stations that point to the development from different directions. Beach Road has also been linked in a convenient way to the Nicoll highway making Midtown Suites accessible using the many available buses. Whether you are traveling to visit the development for the first time or making subsequent visits, you easily make your way there as it sits right at the center of East Coast Parkway and Central Expressway which are well known. Your kids will also get convenience when it comes to education as the development sit next to some of the best elite schools.

Midtown Suites by Guocoland Singapore

When it came to the light that Guocoland was to take control of the development, many had confidence as the developer is known for its good work. The company that runs most of its operation from Singapore headquarter is known worldwide and has a great portfolio for both developments and investments. With a clear vision and good track record registered by the developer, some of the developments have gone beyond the borders of Singapore to China and other big cities.

The management of the developing company has remained positive and committed to transform the whole district. The fact that Bugis street is next to Midtown Suites gives your even better reason to visit the development when heading out for your daily shopping.